Saturday, 30 July 2011

SSIS Tutorials : How to Debug SSIS Package

Debugging SSIS package is possible using Business Intelligence Development Studio. There are way of debugging  the different component of package. Data Flow, Control Flow and Script Task can be debugged using different technique.

Debugging Control Flow: Control flow can be debugged using breakpoints, debugging windows and progress reporting.

Debugging Data Flow: Data Flow can be debugged using data viewer and progress reporting.

Debugging Script Task: Script Task can be debugged using break point in script code. It is same as debugging any .Net code debug. 

Apart from above debugging methods you can use different event to write log or send message to know the status of the package execution. Above techniques can only be used while you are executing package using Business Intelligence Development Studio. But if you want to do it on production server (means package which are running out side of development studio), then only way is to generate proper log of you package using package event or adding extra task item in your control flow or data flow.

Next we will see how to use above debugging technique in details in coming blogs. 

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